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The patented concept Lofthitech
For a main or a complementary surface for you or your business ...

Lofthitech the concept of architecture " Clips & Blob " allows ultra fast assembly and disassembly of modular construction lowcost and design , tool-free , ensuring good insulation. Available worldwide by container .
For example , a loft of 125m2 ( Lofthitech "villa" ) has a weight of 3,500 kg empty and fits into a single container , transportable by single trailer or helicopter . It is assembled and disassembled in less than 3H .

For a main or a complementary surface for you or your business , an office, a workshop, a training room , a meeting rooms, a store of 500 m2, a showroom , an additional guest room, a dwelling emergency shelter , a highway shelter , a laboratory in the bush , an extra room for friends, a lowcost holiday village, a house on the roof of a building, a humanitarian space , a military shelter, gym space, a swinming pool covering, a loft cabin in the mountains , a complex multi lofts around a pool, a houseboat ...
The possible applications are numerous for this "design" space to live, well insulated thanks to chosen material for the roof and the window bays , the concept of hollow block-structure, refillable , lestables , customizable , with profiles able to fix elements between them : window bays plates and unfoldable roof plates.

Ultra simple installation in 3 steps (basic Lofthitech )
1 / Installation of empty blocks structure ,
2 / installation of unfoldable bay plates and roof plates on block profiles
3 / tightening weighted auto-locking blocks inward.

* Concept introduced in the global organization of the WIPO Industrial Property
* Industrial Designs filed WIPO Hague system
* Patent & industrial design filed at China HK IP agency for Chinese territory.
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