Buy a complete package for a life without stress or pressure

Compose your "packagehitech" from lofthitech products: 
open space + vehicle + Mega Wall (multi block full service for loft open space) + autonomous energy system ...

The concept is simple: simplify your life:
a human being = a spacious place to live "fully equipped" that can be energetically autonomous and a vehicle + 3 or 4 places

What for? Because every human being deserves:

 1 / a beautiful living space that can operate in total energy autonomy

2 / Smart vehicle, secure, goes everywhere, and low cost for 1 to 4 passenger

3 / win its freedom and independence,

4 / can thrive, grow rich, grow without limit

5 / able to start his life in good conditions, or restart optimizing costs of his life after a blow.

 Goal :  manage your life in optimal conditions for developing. Divide your expenses by 5 by 10 by 20.

A new life ... LIGHT & HAPPY

Below is the list of leading products constituting an example of optimal "Packagehitech" :
a fold loft of 150 m2, a pluggable multi-service or autonmous block (the ega wall), a solar kit, a vehicle "scooterhitech" 3 or 4 seats, very smart, minimalist furniture design and intelligent.


Lofthitech 9-150 (150 m2)

Weight: kg
In transport mode: 9m2 / deployed: 150 m2 revolutionary!

Modular construction and quick assembly-disassembly without tools loft.

Folded state surface about 9 square meters /  

unfolded state to be used as living area (area in square meters unfolded about 150 M2).


block structure called "Russian doll" block contains another block that contains another block and is used to multiply the surface area when deployed

sliding aluminum window frame and door

 ribbed sandwich panel  (option)

polycarbonnate plate interconnected foldable unfoldable

Shadow generator plate made with iron and braided nylon on adjustable rail (option)

major silicone sealing profile attached to the square (interior foam synthetic surface) of about 6 cm x 6 cm at the top and positioned on the sides of the block structure for sealing between the roof bay plates and the blocks

mini pool option: built-in bay window section - top - floor - pool 1 one piece entirely fold

Fixing system of the entire structure by Nuts butterflies and / or ratchet straps, cables, flat iron brackets

The materials and dimensions specified in this decriptif are examples and can be changed.

Mega Wall

Weight: kg
Full multi-service block for open space

Block multi-use multi function for home and office in one single piece consisting of:


kitchen with hob, sink, closet, shelf, recharge drinking water, led lighting, power outlets, corner bookcase shelf hifi tv led lighting


various dressing closet storage with sliding door, bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, mirror, shelf, led lighting, electric jacks, trash sealed, accordion door separators.

block muti loan service connect to water or electricity network completely independent: water recharge by inserting bogus top of the kitchen shelf, and solar power or other independent source energetics.

Insulating plates anti-cold & warm

Weight: kg
Summer or winter, the excess temperature limit.
Cutting & custom fasteners included.

Sandwich panel with and without rib . Very good coating finish and closure "U" light gray aluminum. To put on the fold- lofthitech plates to avoid greenhouse effect or simply protect from hot and cold. allows the recovery of rainwater ( chute adapted + optional tank ) . Can be doubled ( 15 cm thick double walls ) . Possesses fasteners " locking bar " without tools. very easy to add to all lofthitech models available on this site. This lets appear glazing length very design. Possesses joints to be able to follow the curved roofs . Can be used to create interior wall separations custom made.

Dimensions : Roof x -5.8 M y- z 0.07M -1M / square meter wall separator to measure

Materials: sandwich panels adaptable, waterproof paint paste , aluminum U closure . locking bar . Fixtures and floor and wall join (for interior wall partitions )

Made to order

Solar Kit

Weight: kg
Total independance

Solar kit for isolated site with 230V AC output.

2x solar panels 80Wc (990x670x35mm)
1x charge controller 50A 12V
2x 12V 200Ah AGM batteries
1x pure sine inverter 12V DC - 230V AC 1000W
2x pairs of solar cable length 10m

SHADEHOUSES adjustable

Weight: kg

To drastically lower the temperature, a fixed Ombriere can be placed on the roof of the loft, equipped with wheels on rails.

Material: Wrought iron lacquered treaty, cable and wire, zip, U cover, backdrop nilon ultra resistant to extreme temperatures

rails for the displacement and immobilization of SHADEHOUSES plates

price: per meter square installed

Coffee Table Design on wheels

Weight: kg
"She" is cheap but ... "She" is beautiful, practical and original.

Coffee table design and storage on ultra quiet casters. Very good finish. Moves easily. Can act as a transport for example kitchen service.

Dimensions: 1-x M y M z-0.5-1M

Materials: MDF carved lacquer and waterproof accessory Chrome (domestic support) and silent wheels

Made to order

Living Multi Transformer

Weight: kg
Depending on the needs of the moment: turn your living room up side down

Living Multi transform: mega mattress along the pool, in the long sofa design, living "face to face" with a coffee table in the middle position storage position step home cinema, position 5 berths up ... etc ...
see 3D Warehouse

Transform your living room "multitransformer" in more than 20 useful positions

Not well thought out? Imitation cooked orange and light gray. Cool transform this sofa!

Dimensions: 2 x M y-z-1M-0.8M x2 + x-y-1M 1M-0.8M z

Materials: Faux cook, 2 foam hardness 2 floors, collage and craft seams

Made to order

Scooterhitech 4

Weight: kg
Double shell "slide" full option based on Korean 500 cm3 scooter frame with stabilizers

 Scooter with integral cab and stabilizers with full fairing block framework (including mechanical part and motor), handlebars, seat, wheels, tires.

Elements of the core (engine block, wheel, seat, handlebars):

front and rear wheel
fork and handlebar fairing
engine part faired with footrests
safety belt or harness
seats 3 or 4 seats with backs
Roller skates enable the barrier passage (sidewalk) retractable (automatic or manual activation or foot / mechanical or electrical) attached
to a cylinder Rotational


stabilizers wheel located and hiding among protective lateral shells with adjustable position (ground, raised, intermediate / in this case
a central crutch is added for easy door opening)

component of the protection part:

metalic frame ready to weld or attach two wheels including the brackets (4 front 4 rear), one block silent shock Multidirectional front and rear, 2 front and

pomelles has 2 locks with handles at the back for opening.

2 protective cases (single or double) lateral composite aluminiu (or other material) and synthetic foam mattresses covered with waterproof flexible material


2 vertical poles with protective top shell (same side shields materials)




bumper or rear bumper front has variable size, semi flexible semi rigid INCORPORATING lights.

seat 3 or 4 places with belt and case, attachable to the vehicle to protect it.

Another feature: arrow shape of the front and rear protection limiting flat against flat frontal impacts.

specific designs

representation exploded fashion

2d representation backside side turvy

representation of the vehicle interior


stabilizers wheel located and hiding among protective shells adjustable lateral position (ground, raised, intermediate), alternative to other systems

aforementioned stabilization.

vertical door opening

extractability / cab separation framework in crashes

nb: extractable fashion Elements seats, back, belt, foot straps are welded to the cab portion