Refugees, gather you together, to struggle for the right to build yourself your living spaces. Do not re-start your life in rental. Start on foundations with financial conditions optimized for your sake. The lofthitech is so comfortable and durable compared to solutions generally provided by welcoming state (or not welcoming).
This is a small indirect message to the UNHCR or any decision maker in charge of purchase for refugees or homeless or HNFNFNN (Homeless, no friends, no future, no nothing) / there are many.

There is nothing like having your own home to begin to plan anything in your life. The rental is good for tourists or visitors. To arrange your life in the long term, everyone knows very well that the ideal departure condition is to have your "own walls." It is the base !! Those who sell you the rent as the best basis are absolute liars. This also applies to all young entrepreneurs. Start on with your own walls or don't start anything. Easy to say, i know, but financially strictly true.