Civic duty: when the sum of binding laws makes life impossible for over 50% of the inhabitants of a country then it is the duty of everyone to find other solutions than those proposed, imposed by legislators.

You were born. Lay your home. Period.

If you have the means to fulfill all legal obligations, follow all standards set (mafia) that cost a fortune, good for you.

If you do not have these means lay your home yourself or collectively (group of friends)

Life prevail ! right?

We let die for the laws that serve only the interests of the powerful ? Of course not.

New technical solutions exist. Users of those kind technics get to form a comunity.

Lawmakers facing the important number of this community members eventually fold. It goes like that.

It takes time.

We are waiting.

Send an email to intention to use the Lofthitech solutions with contact information and signatures. We will make this community.

Lofthitech is better than mobile home (good intention but small and ugly), better than an hausmanien apartment (belong to history), better for your finances (read tab "I think") ...

Well, talking about finances : the global financial system is archaic.

Bitcoin is the beginning of something a bit more advanced.

The future solution is: 1 online software, instantaneous  distributing unit values, based on about 500 parameters for the calculation of unit value assigned to every human being. This software is a unit value (ex "money") compressor limitor:

Your account can not be empty.
The time is not involved: it is instantaneous.
no intermediaries: no undue cost and zero-corruptibility

This is a financial big brother? Yes of course but if you live a long and very good life,  who cares ?  right?

We'll talk..

Same: members will form a community and then the system will eventually prevail.

Any system which offers the best comfort of life to as many always ends up imposing itself.