Polititians, you do not have an easy job. How to satisfy the needs of a population group without affecting another?

Lofthitech opens the door of a new way of life : standardized & accessible habitat, rapid installation and endless options.

Could you simply made your laws evolve concerning the maximum space allowed without permit or authorization (for example, 20 square meters in France) for solutions Lofthitech or lofthitech like, that does not pollute, which can simply be laid without trapping the floor, which do not require any specific infrastructure, which may in 1 day be moved if necessary, which can operate in total green energetic autonomy, which offers a new way of life 100% eco friendly (strict and not contraigante charter for users regarding the sorting of waste (lofthitech multi-garbage to optimal sorting)) ?

It does not redirect the market but opens a new and very promising one, which in any case, will ultimately prevail because it is an absolute answer
to a strong demand for real free life, not for a survival life.

Protect professions in place is good but exclude 30% of the population of the possibility of owning a place to live, is just
creating an unbearable modern slavery (see tab "Comparison").

The urban unused spaces: building roofs, terraces, vacant lots :
It is possible to equip the roofs, terraces and all kinds of unused spaces, with lightweight construction, in compliance with safety regulations.

Unused peri urban locations and rural areas:
Why can't I freely install a demountable and non polluting structure on a land that I purchased ? who could suffer any consequences of that ?

Traditional construction users will not be affected.

Lightweight construction users will free themselves from financial bondage in which they are immersed in for far too long.

A country in which each individual or household can be energetically and financially independent, and can own a living space that is its development basis, is a country where life is good.

To revive the economy, we must be alive. Lofthitech offers ultra fast devellopement perspective.

Working with clipsable blocks of 6 meters instead of 50 cm cinderblock and install houses in one day instead of eight months is an obvious lot more efficient development process.

The afriquain continent (and many other areas of the world) is an example of clear oportunity for Lofthitech constructions that just does require no or only little infrastructure.

The lofthitech dream is "the housing problem resolved once and for all" !! Let's move on.

The lofthitech nightmare is that I just divided the number of m2 of land available on the planet by the number of inhabitants and we get:
150 267 901 km2: 7226134330 inhabitants = approx 2 hectares / human being.

Shouldn't we calm down a bit at the human production dept, if hoping to find a good balance in 50 years.
Overpopulation = men eat each other. It's nice to build 50-storey buildings. But it's just ruining the garden entrusted to us ... Calmos !!
Birth control ? of course !!! and now !!! and worldwide !!!