With Lofthitech , you now own your roof , for personal or business use , and are no more subjected to crushing costs of a traditional construction. If you need to borrow a simple consumer credit can help you make the acquisition.

No need to borrow 20 or 30 years . No notary fees, no building permit (depending on the geographical area and size ), very little maintenance, can operate in total autonomy : no electricity bill and water ( unless you choose to connect to traditional networks ) , tax and tax less or no tax at all ( depending on the host country ) , not subject to real estate overvaluation (which is the leading cause of unaccess to the property ) , the modern solution & lowcost housing, offers exceptional level of comfort while giving you the necessary cash to your personal and professional development : the money you do not spend on the purchase of conventional construction gives you a fantastic freedom of action , in order to realize all your projects in the best conditions. Install a loft on land acquired , leased or loaned , minimizing the loads on all items (taxes, maintenance , water, energy , permits, legal fees , insurance, bank loans , land development fees etc ... ) lets you divide by 12 (average) cost of living in your area .

Extremely easy steps to build your space to live or work : you do not have to endure the hundreds of trucks back & force,  the errors of the construction team , outlays, scams , 1001 galleys a classic construction that lasts and never ends .
Prepare your soil and place your Lofthitech on it in one short afternoon. Thats ALL ! !
You'll have all the time to customize the inside of the structure-blocks in which a technician can enter in order to flush any option ( electrical, plumbing, lighting, storage , stereo , computer , audiovisual, folding furniture etc ... )
You can even , if you want to turn your modular removable Lofthitech in a solid construction , simply by filling the structure blocks of lightweight concrete for example ...

Respect for the environment? : OPTIMAL : you do not even require a slab of hard concrete : a slab of earth raised , solidified and groomed can be enough to place the lofthitech lino floor.

You live in an area with high risk of earthquakes, tsunami and other disasters ? ... And then ? You can back up your
lofthitech in 3 hours and order retail unusable or missing parts. The Lofthitech is anti- seismic and anti- poverty.

Housing as imposed in the entire world population is the more expensive the job : 80% of humans affect more than 50% of all the money earned in a life habitat. This is an advanced form of slavery . This is also to the construction of heavy building that were most often affected slaves, exploited by the bourgeoisie of a time not so long ago ... Lofthitech offers a much less aggressive alternative, human size. Some journalists laugh and talk about a utopian world of Care Bears . But that is exactly what we need : a world of Care Bears .

According to the laws of the country of installation ( planning , safety standards , permits, taxes ... ) , or you will not get the permissions to install your loft or complex multi loft. Note that the lofthitech category is neither a mobile home or a traditional construction, it is therefore the subject of a special study on obtaining authorization and calculation of various costs such authorizations must be calculated fairly : the lofthitech being exceptionally lowcost solution (and environmentally respectful) , authorization should be charged accordingly. Among other things, the decision to create the foundations of hard ( concrete slab) or simply place the lofthitech (lino floor on prepared earth soil) completely changes the game .

A Lofthitech partner design concept is : the Scooterhitech :
Lightweight and economical vehicle for 2 , 3 or 4 people, fully enclosed , allowing you to sneak into traffic like a motorcycle while protecting you from shocks (double hull "slide" , harness or belt plane, helmets, anti-shock shape front & rear, lockable & unlockable rollerblading blocked manually for stabilization,  bumper for pedestrians protection front & rear, protective foam inside cabin , footrest closed, internal anti-shock absorbers hull , front and side airbags optional) and weather (full coverage , windshield wipers ) as a car, you are free to move , where you want when you want , with less risk and cost . The Scooterhitech will be able to provide a minimum power to Lofthitech simply by connecting to the modular structure , in the case of a 100% standalone installation, and will be coupled to a solar kit for example ...

Buy lofthitech is also part of a community owner lofthitech , with all the possibilities it brings : Free loft exchange when traveling (exchange contract on line) , experiences, tips and tricks , tips ... available on the provider website ...


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